Version 3.0!

Aww yeah!!! GC 3.0 is here! We have spent a great deal of time writing this new version from the ground up. We used a whole new framework, a new UI, and a new style framework. We also added some exciting new features requested by our awesome GC teachers, including the ability to calculate bonus points and eye-catching color-coding. This is a giant leap forward in giving educators great tools that make grading easier.

New UI

With GC 3.0 we are proud to introduce a brand new UI framework. The design and style are cleaner, making grades easier to see and navigation simpler. We moved the grade scale from a pop-up window to a new slider menu that gives the entire site a more polished feel. With GC we wanted to make something that was aesthetically pleasing, as well as functional


Bonus Points

Sometimes we like to give our students a chance to earn an extra point or two every now and then. Before, you would have to manually calculate that yourself. Now, GC gives you the ability to include that in your calculations. Just select the bonus toggle and enter the number of bonus questions you have. When your grade is calculated it will show you what your student's score would be over 100%.


Grade Colors

In our previous versions of GC the only way you could differentiate between grades was by the actual letter. Now, you can see your grade scale visually separated out by colors. It doesn't hurt that it's nice to look at, too! This has been a incredibly popular feature, and we hope to bring it to the mobile app soon.


We hope that you like the new version of Grade Calculate. We would love to hear from you. Give us a shout on Facebook, or send us an email.